DK139: Chinese Football - Self-Titled 2x12" LP - Pinwheel /200, Splatter /300, White/Black /500 DK139

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Chinese Football - Self-Titled 2x12" LP

It's truly an honour to be reissuing Chinese Football's internationally-adored, midwest-emo-inspired classic self-titled 2xLP on vinyl for it's 5-year anniversary. It's hard to describe how much this album really means to us; to still experience so much nostalgia with every single listen, even after such a long time of putting it on weekly (or even daily) makes this such a special album from an equally special band. We've been working on this in secret for almost exactly one whole year, and have come up with three great-looking vinyl variants for you to choose from. The spec is very similar to the original Weary Bird pressing, which includes both of the original bonus tracks, pressed on double vinyl housed in thick gatefold covers and a slightly larger lyric sheet.

Please read our advice in the 'pressing information' section if you're planning to order the pinwheel 'football' variant!


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1. 游戏开始 / Game Start (Intro)
2. 守门员 / Goalkeeper
3. 飞鱼转身 / Flying Fish
4. 400米操场 / 400 Metres
5. 不是人人都能穿十号球衣 / No.10 Jersey (Not For Anybody)
6. 世界悲 / World Cup Fantasy 06:26
7. 游戏暂停 / Game Pause (Interlude)
8. 地球上最后一个EMO男孩 / The Last Emo Boy on Earth
9. 红牌罚下 / Red Card Penalty
10. 帽子戏法 / Hat-Trick
11. 再见米卢 / Goodbye Milu 06:58
12. 盲人摸象 / Blind Men and an Elephant
13. 游戏结束 (Outro)
14. 守门员 / Goalkeeper (Original Version)
15. 不是人人都能穿十号球衣 / No. 10 Jersey (Not For Anybody) (Original Version)

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Pressing Information

This is the first pressing through Dog Knights, limited to 1000 copies. Both records are housed in thick 350gsm gatefold jackets with a double-sided full-colour insert. All copies also include an immediate download of the full LP.

1st Press
White w/ Black Football (Pinwheel Effect*) /200 (Dog Knights Exclusive)
Clear w/ Blue & White Splatter A/B, Clear w/ Blue & Black Splatter C/D /300
White A/B, Black C/D /500

*The 'pinwheel' effect with a white/black colour combination yields unpredictable results, but our mockups should be fairly accurate as we used an existing photo of a record pressed through GZ for reference. Still, do not order this variant if you are expecting your copy to look exactly like the mockup. Sides A/C should come out streaky and sides B/D should be blotchy, but both run the risk of either colour dominating the other. If you want something clean, purchase the splatter or white/black variants.