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DK125: Killie - Retrial Of The Criminal Begins 2xLP - Splatter /200, Starburst /500 DK125


KILLIE - Retrial Of The Criminal Begins 2x12" LP

Earlier this year, the legendary Japanese Screamo band 'KILLIE' surprised their fans by announcing that they've re-recorded and re-imagined most of their back catalogue for a 'discography of sorts’ titled ‘Retrial of the Criminal Begins’ and will be self-releasing it on cd.

On the 5th of October, Dog Knights Productions will be releasing a vinyl edition of 'Retrial of the Criminal Begins' as a deluxe 2xLP with one of a kind packaging and an exclusive bonus track. I've been pestering KILLIE since forming the label 8 1/2 years ago, and its so surreal to finally get the chance to work with them.

This is by far the most ambitious (and expensive) project that i've ever been a part of. We're going to keep most of the details secret until the records arrive, but believe me, you've never seen a vinyl release like this one before.

*It’s worth noting that there are two vinyl variants for this project; simply referred to as ‘splatter /200’ and ‘starburst /500’ for now


Battle Against Body Fat / 体脂肪と戦う
Retrial Of The Criminal Begins / 犯罪者が犯した罪の再審始まる
Abandoned Corpse With Graffiti / 落書きされた放置死体
Thinking About Preconceptions / 先入観を考える
Devil's Genealogy / 悪魔の系図
Digging Up The Soil From Sexual Desires / 性欲の果てに土を掘り返す
Severance / 契約解除
The Resurrection / キリストは復活する
Giugno (La Quiete Cover) / 六月
Bonus Track (Vinyl Exclusive)


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Pressing Information

First pressing of 700. Both records and double-sided full-colour inserts are packed into deluxe gatefold pvc sleeves, with a screen-printed statement from the band on both inner panels. Includes a large-format 21cm photobook. All copies come with an immediate download of the full LP, which includes all the songs from the cd version, but not the 20 minute vinyl-exclusive track.

*Please note that these pvc sleeves are prone to bad seam-splits from transit and there's nothing we can do to prevent this. Apologies if your cover is slightly damaged.

1st Press
Red w/ Black Splatter (A/B), Red w/ White Splatter (C/D) /200
Green/Yellow/Orange Starburst (A/B), Purple/Pink/Red Starburst (C/D) /500

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