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DK115: Setsuko - The Shackles Of Birth 12" LP - Clear Gold w/ Black Smoke /100, Clear /200 DK115


The Shackles Of Birth 12" LP

We recorded The Shackles of Birth during the few occasions we wanted to leave our houses in the summer of 2017 and then Darren from Dog Knights noticed us through a video shot at one of our gigs and wanted to help us release this thing. Bless his heart. The songs are about a bunch of different negative things, loosely tied together by thoughts about whether or not things could have gone differently for us even before we were born. Throughout the short amount of time we’ve been playing together a lot has changed (mainly for the worse I guess) in our lives. This band has been something to come back to and all the stupid inside jokes and shit we did allowed us to have a comfortable time writing this album in spite of all the stuff that was messing with our heads.

Childhood and infancy are recurring themes in the lyrics. ‘Infants’ is about the biblical limbo of infants and ‘Machine Broke’ is not about the food machine but about the emptiness and loss of empathy we experience when we cross into adulthood. I wrote the lyrics for ‘A Year Defined’ and that’s the only song that doesn’t really fit that theme. It’s about sitting at a bar table thinking about someone and realizing that you’ll be sitting at the same spot thinking the same thoughts about the same person a year from now. Jakob (vocals) didn’t want to disclose all of the lyrics he wrote for personal reasons. We’re constantly writing new music and trying to push ourselves into new directions, just seeing what we can do with a solid base of blast beats and distortion. We’ll hopefully be playing a bunch of shows around Europe in support of The Shackles of Birth later in the year.


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Mother's Dead
Machine Broke
Luxurious City Life
A Year Defined
Detta Rum
Child Without Brain
Rat Swarm
Allt Gar Sonder
The Shackles Of Birth
Deviant Behavior

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Pressing Information

First pressing of 300. All copies come with a full-sized insert and an immediate download of the tracks 'A Year Defined' and 'Child Without Brain'. A download code for the full LP will be sent by 5th March.

1st Press
Clear Gold w/ Black Smoke /100 (Dog Knights Exclusive)
Clear /200