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Dog Knights Test Presses - 7"s - All Very Limited / Priced Individually

All test presses are hand-numbered, stamped, and come with alternate artwork. Some have other special extras (read below for more info)

More photos on the DK Facebook page in the album 'DK Test Presses'

All are extremely limited and any money made from selling these will help fund upcoming projects

If you plan to buy any of these and flip on eBay straight away, your name will be noted and blacklisted from the store

DK018: Worms Feed - Black Snow 7" EP /10 - Foldover cover - Hand etched B-side

DK037: Disembarked - I Do Nothing But Regret... 7" EP /10 - Foldover cover, alternate art

DK044: You'll Live - Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried. 7" EP /10 - Foldover card cover, alternate art

DK051: Exhaustion - Exhaustion 7" EP /10 - Sin Eater alternate art

DK052: Nai Harvest - Hold Open My Head 7" EP /10 - Red cover, alternate art

DK061: Totem Skin / Heart On My Sleeve - Split 7" EP /15 - B/W cover

DK064: Turnover - Blue Dream 7" EP /20 - B/W cover, alternate art

DK071: Simmer - Yellow Streak 7" EP /10 - B/W Cover, alternate art

DK073: Blue Friend - Home / Violence 7" EP /10 - B/W Cover, alternate art

DK075: Rainmaker / Ojne - Split 7" EP /7 - B/W cover, alternate art

DK077: Marietta - Cuts 7" EP /10 - Colour cover, alternate art

DK079: Blue Friend / KMKMS - Split 7" EP /7 - B/W covver, alternate art

All orders placed through the Dog Knights store come with free flyers, stickers and digital download codes whenever possible. The more you order; the more free stuff you get.

All orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours unless it is a pre-order item. In that case, read the item description carefully and check the social network pages for updates.

If you believe your order has gone missing or arrives damaged by your mail carrier, please email Any rude customers will be ignored.

If you have been charged too much for postage, send an email to receive a partial refund. Please note that postage costs include PayPal fees/packing costs.

Please read the FAQ section for more information.

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