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DK064: Turnover - Blue Dream 7" EP - Ultra-Clear /200, Blue/Green Mix /300 DK064


Turnover - Blue Dream 7" EP

*Apologies for the slightly higher price on these, we had to pay licensing fees on every copy

Blue Dream features the first tracks written alongside new guitarist Eric Soucy (formerly of Maker). Originally intended as an acoustic EP, Yip convinced Turnover to record the songs as a full band ... and the results are nothing short of amazing. While the outfit's 2013 debut full-length Magnolia (Run For Cover Records) was a great effort - a decidedly more mature, introspective take on pop punk and emo compared to most of Turnover's contemporaries - Blue Dream ups the ante in a big way. Opener "Disintegration" somehow transmits as both expansive and bombastic, yet it maintains an incredibly introspective and intimate tone throughout, while "Bella Donna" is a bittersweet ode to a destructive, doomed relationship. It's impossible not to feel the emotional scarring from these songs, but you'll nevertheless yearn to listen to them repeatedly.

Artwork by John Garrett Slaby


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Read My Mind
Bella Donna

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Pressing Information

This release is limited to 600. All copies come with a digital download code and full colour double sided inserts.

Solid Yellow/100 Sold Out
Ultra-Clear /200
Blue/Green Mix /300

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